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The Jain Acharya Jinsen

 The Jain Acharya Jinsen

 Acharya Jinsen was a celebrated Jain author, who by his propagating increased the power of Jain Sect. Harivansh Puran is the most widely read old historical treatise in the Jain community. There are sixty-six chapters and twelve thousand shlokas in it.

  The life of the twenty- second Tirthankar Bhagwan Neminath has been vividly described in this Puran. Besides, the stories of Krishna Baibhadra and Kaurava-Pandavas have also been exquisitely narrated. The writer is Acharya Jinsen, different from Bhagvanjinsen acharya, the writer of Maha Puran. He was the acharya of Punnat Sangha. Punnat is the old name of Karnatak. This sangh was active near Karnatak and Kathiawad for two hundred years. The kingly order of Gujarat had a great faith and reverence for and in this sangha.

 His preceptor was Kirtisen and he completed this holy book in the Nanna Raj Wasati of Vardhman city in Vikram Samvat 840. No other works of this acharya are available and there are no references of other works in other treatises. This great work, however, is sufficient for his never ending fame and glory. The commentator of Harivansh Puran is the famous scholar Pandit Daulat Ramji Kasliwal of Jaipur.






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