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 ATMANUSHASANA (Original with English Translation)
Shri Guna-Bhadra Acharya                              

 ATMANUSHASANA is a discourse on the Divinity in man.  Each and every one of the 270 verses is an exhortation in language simple, persuasive, penetrating, forceful, and effective to the Atman, the I, the Ego, the self, to separate its own Self from the non-Atman, the non-I, the non-Ego, the non-Self. This supreme separation is the complete victory of the soul over Sin, Sorrow, and Death. It is Moksa, or Freedom, or Liberation - absolute, perfect, eternal and everlasting.


1. Cherishing in the heart Vira  (Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara), who is the place of residence of Lakshmi (perfection), whose sins have been destroyed, I (Shri Guna-Bhadra Acharya) describe Atmanushasana for the attainment of liberation by those who are capable of being liberated.  
 2. Oh soul! Thou art always afraid of pain, and desirous of pleasure. Therefore I also offer thee the object of thy desire, which tends to give pleasure and remove pain.   
3. If perchance, in this (advice), there be something, which though sweet at fruition, is yet unpalatable, be thou not afraid of that, just as a sick person is not (afraid) of bitter medicine.
4. Persons who are vain and full of talk, and clouds which thunder but give no rain, are easy to find. But it is difficult to find those kind-hearted persons who desire to uplift the world, just as it is difficult to find clouds, full of rain and beneficial to the world.  
5. He, who wise, well-versed in the essence of the Jaina scriptures, aware of the ways of the world, with no sense-desires, brilliant, calm-minded, ever ready with answers, patient of a volley of questions, powerful, attracting other minds, leader of Saints, a repository of good qualities, and with speech clear and sweet, should deliver religious discourses without speaking ill of others. 
6. Perfect knowledge of the scripture; pure conduct; inclination to persuade others (to the right path); keen interest in the propagation of the right path (of liberation); obeisance to the learned; pride-less-ness; knowledge of the world; gentleness; desire-less-ness; whoever possesses these and other qualities of the leader of ascetics, be he the Teacher of worthy people.    

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