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                              Encyclopaedia of Jainism

Encyclopaedia of Jainism/edited by Nagendra Kr. Singh.Encyclopaedia of Jainism/edited by Nagendra Kr. Singh. New Delhi, Anmol, 2001, 30 volumes, 8089 p., ISBN 81-261-0691-3.

"This encyclopaedia is vast collection of essays of more than thousand renowned Jaina scholars, philosophers, historians, sociologists of the world dealing with various aspects of Jainism: historical evolution of Jainism, Jain religio-philosophical tradition, tradition of Tirthankaras, monks, nuns and Shravakas, myths and legends, ethics and values, social system, political philosophy, psychology, philosophy, religion, socio-economic aspects, cosmology, ethics, mythology, non-violence, symbolism, art and architecture, ascetic practices of purification, language and literatureócanonical and non-canonical, metaphysics of physics, building architecture, epigraphy and inscriptions, archeology, antiquities and monuments, fasts and festivals, rites and rituals, tantricism, sacred Jaina centres, Tirthankarasís life and teachings, biography of Jaina philosophers, monks and nuns, cosmic spirit, social, political, economic and cultural geography, eschatological concept, chronology and history, comparative studies of Jainism with other world religions, solution of environmental crisis and peaceful coexistence of human being from the vast range of research journals, magazines, seminars, conferences and congress papers, dissertation notes, readers and other valuable but scattered sources." (jacket) It contents are spread in 10 volumes.


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