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 13. And conation attentiveness (is) of two kinds (i. e.,) natural (Svabhva Darshana), and the opposite of its kind, non-natural (Vibhva Darshana). That which is perfect, unassisted by senses and independent, is called Natural.
 14. Non-natural conation is said to be of three kinds : Ocular (Chakshu Darshana).
  Non-ocular (Achakshu Darshana) and visual (Avadhi Darshana).
  Modification (is) or two kinds, irrelative (natural, Svabhva Paryya) and relative to itself and others (i. e., Non-natural, Vibhva paryya).
 15.  Human, Hellish, Sub-human and Celestial conditions are said to be Non-natural conditions free from miseries arising from the effect of Karmas are termed Natural. 
 16-17.  Human souls are of two ; born in Work region or in Enjoyment region. Hellish souls should be known to be of seven kinds, because of the regions.  Sub-human souls are said to be of fourteen kinds. Celestial souls (are) of four kinds. Their detailed account should be known from (the scripture) Loka-Vibhga.
 18. From the practical point of view, a mundane soul causes material Karmas and experiences; but from the(impure) real point of view the soul creates (and)  experiences thought- activites arising through the Karmas.
 19. From the substance point of view (all) souls are free from the modifications mentioned before; but from the modification point of view souls are possessed of both ( the Natural and Non- Natural modification).  

                      END CHAPTER  1
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