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             TATTVĀRTHĀDHIGAMASŪTRA (Tatvarthasutram)
                      Shri Umasvami (Umasvati)
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                                   ( VALID KNOWLEDGE)
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17. (These are attributes) of substance (objects).  
18. (There is only) apprehension of indistinct things.
19. Indistinct apprehension does  not arise  by means of the eyes and the  mind.
20. Scriptural knowledge preceded  by  sensory  knowledge  is  of  two  kinds, which are of twelve and many subdivisions.
21. Clairvoyance (avadhi) based on birth is possessed by celestial and infernal  beings.
22. Clairvoyance from destruction-cum-subsidence (i. e. arising on the  lifting of the veil) is of   six  kinds.  It  is  acquired  by  the  rest  (namely  human -  beings and animals).
23. Rjumati and vipulamati are the two kinds of telepathy (manahpayaya).
24. The differences between the two are due to purity and infallibility.


25. Telepathy (manah paryaha) and clairvoyance (avadhi) differ with regard to purity, space, knower and objects.
26. The range of sensory knowledge and scriptural knowledge extends to all the six substances but not to all their modes.
27. (The scope) of clairvoyance is that which has form.
28. The scope of telepathy is the infinitesimal part of the matter ascertained by clairvoyance.
29. Omniscience (hevala jnana) extends to all entities (substances) and all their modes simultaneously.
30. From one up to four kinds of knowledge can be possessed simultaneously by a single soul.
31. Sensory knowledge, scriptural knowledge and clairvoyance may also be erroneous knowledge.
32. Owing to lack of discrimination between the real and the unreal, wrong knowledge is whimsical as that of lunatic.
33. The figurative, the synthetic, the analytic, the straight, the verbalistic, the conventional and the specific are the standpoints.
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