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Late Ganeshmal Patni

  Late Shree Ganeshmal Patni

 Late Shree Ganeshmai Patni was a great religious man, a dedicated social worker and a true follower of Jain dharma. He was born at Ladnun in Rajasthan. The name of his father was late Manikchand Patni. Hei was one of the most outstanding gentleman among jains in Ladnun. He was a very religious man and dedicated to jain dharma.

 Shree Ganeshmal Patni was a true jain. He respected all learned men, jain sadhus and sravaks and always contributed for the uplift of jain dharma. He look after his family business at Kolkata. He expanded his family business and soon became a successful builder and property dealer. Beside his business activity he  devoted is time to propagate principles of jain dharma.  
Shree Ganeshmal Patni had one daughter named late Jeevani Bai and one son named Hukamchand. Jeevani Bai was a very religious lady. She married with Shree Khevraj Pandya son of late Mangilal Pandya who was a very prosperous and famous among jains of Ladnun. Jeevani Bai had five daughters and one son.Shree Hukamchand Patni was the only son of late Ganeshmal Patni. His mother died in his early childhood so he was brought up under the care of Chunni Bai, the sister of late Ganeshmal Patni. She was a very religious woman and true followers of jainism.

   Ganeshmal Patni

 Late Shree Ganeshmal Patni


 Since childhood Hukmachand was deeply influenced by the virtues of jaindharm and acquired noble qualities through Chunni Bai.  Shree Hukamchand Patni was  married with Chhagani Devi the daughter of late Shree Bherudan Sethi a well known businessman. Smt Chhagni Devi is a very religious lady and a jain in real sense. She always encouraged her husband Shree Hukamchand for the noble cause of religious and social work. There are six sons of Shree Hukamchand Patni named Shree DhanKumar, Shree Vijay Kumar, Shree Mahendra Kumar, Shree Shanti Kumar, Shree Bimal Kumar and Shree Dilip Kumar.


 Late Hukmachandji Patni

 The eldest son Shree Dhan Kumar B.Com. LLB  and Shree Bimal Kumar B.Com are industrialist and running the Jute Mills. Shree Vijay Kumar and Shree Shanti Kumar are the members of N.S.E., B.S.E., NCDX., MCX. and NSDL. Shree Mahendra Kumar and Shree Dilip Kumar are C.A. practitioners. Shree Sandip Kumar son of Shree Dhankumar Patni is also working with his uncle Shree Vijay Kumar and Shree Shanti Kumar.

 In the memory his great grandfather Shree Gneshmal Patni and wishes to propagate jain dharma, the website www.jaindharmonline.com came in existence by the continuous efforts of Shree Bimal Kumar Patni.

  Due to his keen interest and efforts  this unique and  content rich website on jain dharma is continuously  propagating the principles of jain dharma in the world. Shree Ganeshmal Patni Memorial Trust's aim is to spread Jinvani and teaching  of Bhagwan Mahavira among masses.

      Dhan kumar Patni

     Shree Dhan Kumar

   Mahendra kumar Patni

 Shree Mahendra Kumar

    Bimap Kumar Patni

   Shree Bimal Kumar

   Dilip Kumar Patni

   Shree Dilip Kumar



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