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      Pleadges of students in presence of Munishree Tarunsagarji

  `I will never send my parents to old age home. No matter how adverse the circumstances may be I will not commit suicide. I will never take part in anti national activities'. These three pledges were taken by thousands of students in presence of revolutionary Sant Munishree Tarunsagarji on the occasion of Sanskar Shivir at Mangalwara Jain temple on November 15, 2010. 
  On this occasion Munishree said that students are future of the nation and responsibility of future lies on their shoulders. He added that if today they imbibe good values and take oath to imbibe good thinking then in future they will bring laurels and make the nation and society proud. On this occasion Munishree said to children that very often people say that one and one makes two but if it is seen in the context of unity then one and one make eleven. 
  The need of the hour is unity and organisation. Munishree said to children that as far as possible we should stay away from the mindset of western culture and following the Indian culture we should respect our elders and we should never forget the favours done by our parents.  
   In the Sanskar Shivir in the beginning Bhajan singer Sangeeta Jain presented Mangalacharan. After this especial guest social worker Kamlesh Jamini, Daalchand Jain, Hemraj Jain, Manoj Pradhan, Mukesh 
Jain lighted the lamp near the portrait of Goddess Sarswati and started the programme. In the Sanskar Shivir teachers of Digambar Jain School Chowk, GV  Convent School, Gandhi Gyan Mandir School, Baal Niketan School were felicitated by organising committee.
  The programme was conducted by general secretary Pankaj Pradhan and Anmol Jain and Sakshi Jain presented Mangalacharan dance. Organising committee general secretary Pankaj Pradhan and spokesman Anshul Jain  informed that on Tuesday Home Minister Umashankar Gupta and MLA  Vishwas Sarang will inaugurate the four-day programme of bitter religious discourses. On this occasi


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