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 Jain Sanskar Paathshala by Young Jains, Delhi 


 Young Jains, Delhi organized a Jain Sanskar Paathshala on 5th April 2009 at Adyatma Sadhana Kendra, Chattarpur, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Delhi. The program was structured as a full day Paathshala camp and attended by more than 50 Young Jain Professionals. Various speakers were invited from different parts of the society to provide an insight on Jain Sanskars and to help people for building them with in. The Paathshala included little known Jain meditation i.e. Preksha Dhyan & Karyotsarg reflections.
  The program started with Manglacharan and Namokar mantra chanting. Gaurav Jain ‘Lakshaya’ introduced Young Jains and provided the outline of program and was MC for the program. Dr. Jay Kumar Upadhye, an eminent Jain scholar took session on Jain Sanskar, he described the Jain Sanskars in life of Tirthankaras and said  “Parents are the Sanskriti (culture) and Children are their Sanskars”. Swami Dharmanand ji, Director Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra told about the Jain Meditation Preksha Dhyan and its re-invention,  people had a serene exercise for practice of dhyan.
  The session was followed by Young Scholar Dr. Anekant Jain, a Prakrit & Jainology lecturer, Jaipur who emphasized on the Jainism and its relevance today from the antiquity and modern perspective in very informative and comprehensible idiom.  Following the significance Dr. C. Devakumar, an eminent Jain scholar and Principal Scientist at IARI, Delhi specified on the intricate subject of Practice of Jainism in Daily life.   
 .Mr. Anil Kr. Jain, a Chartered Accountant, wellknown personality and running  the website  www. jainsamaj.org  grew to subject on the need of Young leadership for Jain society today.  He said “the thousands of crore of rupees which are locked in vaults and lockers of temples belongs to Jain society and its children, we should come forward for betterment of our children and spent it judiciously before it goes to hands of unscrupulous elements and its too late”. The waft session was followed by Yogesh Jain, Chairman Young Jains and software architect who made people aware about the ambitious plans of Young Jains in coming year and collectively with members revisited the vision of Young Jains. 
  The Paathshala camp got an appreciation from attendees as well as the speakers and blessing for the team. Young Jains is a dynamic, vibrant and unique (by thoughts and action) organization dedicated to spread Jain philosophy.  


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