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   The panchakalyana religious rituals at Aladangadi basadi
Mangalore, December 22, 2012, (DHNS): The panchakalyana religious rituals of the renovated Doddabasadi situated at Aladangadi were held between December 26 and 30. According to the Jain Agama Shastra, this Jain temple on the banks of Phalguni river was built 825 years ago by Queen Madhurakka Devi and her son Rayakumara. Timmannarasa Dr Padma Prasad Ajila is the present hereditory managing trustee of the temple. Dharmasthala Dharmothana trust has donated a sum of Rs18 lakh to the renovation work and rest of the amount needed was raised from the devotees. Bhagawan Sri Parshwanath Swamy is the moola nayak of the Basadi. A magnificent manasthambha is the centre of attraction at the Basadi.
  The tile roofed Basadi is built according to Jain Vastu Shastra. According to Dr veereendra Heggde, "this jain temple is restored without altering the original structure. The Ajila ancestors consecrated Lord Bahubali Swamy onolathicsculpture at venoor after constructing this Dodda Basadi adjacient to the Ajila Aramane in Aladangadi, formerly known as Akshayapura, now it is in Belthangady taluk." The rituals were performed under the guidance of Lalithakirthi Bhattaraka Swamiji of Karkala.

   Jain community ready to help restore temple 
    KERI, December 9, 2012: Continued apathy on the part of the directorate of archaeology and archives has led to negligence of the Jain temple at Cudnem, 3km away from Sanquelim. At a recent visit to the temple, Nirmalkumar Jain Sethi, national president of the Jain Mahasabha and other members of the Jain community were left disappointed at the rundown condition of the structure. "This temple is an example of pre-Portuguese architecture and needs to be protected. The Jain Mahasabha is ready to provide necessary financial assistance and other guidance for its protection and conservation," Sethi said.
  The temple, which boasts a sabhamandapa (hall for audience) and a garbhagriha (sanctum sanctuary), was first brought to light by the directorate of archives, archaeology and museum in 1986. Efforts were made to conserve the structure but in the last three years the government has failed to pay the monument any attention. There is evidence in the vicinity to suggest that the temple and sculptures inside it were deliberately destroyed by invaders in the 17th century AD. It temple was constructed of laterite and lime mortar was used as the binding material. The architecture of the temple has indicated that it belonged to the Vijaynagar period.
  Chandrakant Bhojepatil from Ponda said, "The directorate of archaeology and archives should initiate steps for conserve the temple. The Jain community is ready to help in any way possible."  Kapoor Chand Jain Patni, chief editor of the Jain Gazette weekly from Guwahati said, "The temple of Cudnem is in a dilapidated condition and its entrance is blocked by grass and undergrowth. It needs to be cleared at the earliest."
  "The process of tendering the work of all 51 protected monuments in Goa is under way. Debris clearance and minor repair work of the Jain temple will be done," said director of archives and archaeology Manohar Dicholkar.
Source: Times of India
16 of 26 stolen idols of Jain temple at Jatwara recovered
JAIPUR, November 11, 2012: Sixteen ancient idols worth crores of rupees in the international market were recovered three days after they were stolen from a famous Jain temple at Jatwara village near Bassi. The police arrested a local resident who had allegedly helped a gang involved in idol thefts in conducting recee of the temple. 
  Around 26 idols had been stolen on November 5. Police claimed they have identified the gang involved in theft and a team has been rushed to an undisclosed location to nab them. The 16 idols were found buried in the ground near the village. According to additional commissioner of police Giriraj Meena, the police arrested one Ramlal Luhar on the basis of some clues regarding his involvement including his mobile call details. Luhar is a resident of Nayabas near Jatwara village.
  Robbers on Tuesday had decamped with 26 antique idols from the temple. As many as 23 idols made of eight metals and three stone idols worth nearly Rs 10 crore had been stolen. Addl CP Meena said that Luhar was aware of the worth of idols and intimated the gang about them. "He helped them do a recee of the temple and even hid the idols after they were stolen. He was a local contact for the gang," said the officer.
  Luhar told the police where the idols had been hidden. "The idols which were recovered are from 11th, 12th and 14th century and quite priceless in the international market," said the officer. He added that others involved in the theft have been identified. "They will be arrested soon. Who were to buy the idols and other details will be known after the thieves are arrested," said the officer.

   Robbers stolen 26 antique idols from a famous Jain temple at Jatwara

  JAIPUR, November 08, 2012: It seems that even God is not safe in the outskirts of Jaipur.In yet another burglary, unidentified robbers decamped with 26 antique idols from a famous Jain temple at Jatwara village near Bassi on the outskirts of city. This is the sixth incident of burglary of antique idols in the past six months. The rise in thefts of antique idols also hints that international smugglers are active in this area.
  The temple committee owners claimed that 23 idols, made of eight metals, while three idols made of stones and worth nearly Rs 10 crore were stolen. The temple priest and other pilgrims were shocked to find the main gate of the temple ajar. All the doors of the rooms in which the idols were kept were unlocked. Soon they informed the police and a team of forensic science laboratory (FSL) and police rushed to the spot.
  "Prima facie it appears that the number of burglars were more than three and had boozed together at the temple. We have recovered one idol and have got concrete clues on the whereabouts of the burglars," said Mohammed Anwar, circle inspector, Bassi police station. Senior police officers of the police commissionerate were also on tizzy as the antique idols were more than 200 years old. In the past three months, at least 50 antique idols were stolen from city outskirts, including Shahpura, Kothputli, Virat Nagar and Kanota. Police officers were, however, tight-lipped on the issue but haven't ruled out the involvement of an international network.
 Times View:  The thefts of antique idols are nothing new. But what is surprising is that in so many years, a fool- proof mechanism has not been put in place to protect these priceless wonders. It is also strange that when hundreds of pilgrims and worshippers pay visit to these temples  and also pay hefty donations, why these idols are not protected or insured properly. The whole issue is handled very loosely and merely blaming international smugglers will not do. Either the state or the ASI, which in most cases look after the temple structures, will have to take active part in protecting the idols. Source: Times of India
Jains take to streets against cow slaughter
  Mumbai November 7, 2012 (DNA): Around 5,000 Jains took out a rally from Panchratna building to Azad Maidan on Monday to put pressure on the state government to speed up the process of implementing the Gauvansh Vadh Pratibandh Bill to stop the slaughter of cows.
  A section of Jains who participated in the rally said that the bill is awaiting the president's signature so that it can become a law. "The state assembly has already passed it and it should now be taken up," said Girish Shah of Samast Mahajan, one of the organisations that participated in the rally. Three prominent leaders from the BJP "MLA Mangal Lodha, former MLAs Raj Purohit and Atul Shah" participated in the rally. A Congress corporator was also a part of the rally. "Jains believe in non-violence and we feel that the killing of cows should stop," said Devendra Maharaj, a Jain monk.
  On asked why the community chose not to have a rally against the killing of any form of life (which is central to Jainism) and stuck to only Gauvansh, Shah said, "If we demand a ban on slaughtering of all animals, it will not be met. Ultimately we do want that the killing of all animals is stopped, but we have to make a beginning somewhere. In this case, we are proceeding legally." Source: DNA

   Bangalore Jains seek police protection for Digambara Munis
Bangalore, October 29, 2012: Several recent incidents have upset the Jain community. Consider this: A Jain Muni was walking near Hebbal flyover, surrounded by around five to six devotees. As is the tradition, a flag-bearing devotee was walking in front of the Muni when a few people came out of nowhere, snatched the flag and tried to forcibly cover the Muni with it. "We were totally shocked,” Manjunath, a member of the Chaturmaasa committee, sid. “Since we do not follow the tradition of having bodyguards, we are forced to take police protection.” 
   This is not an isolated incident. When a Jain Muni was passing Mantri Mall in Malleswaram, a passerby came running towards him and tried to cover him with a piece of cloth. And recently, media houses were flooded with calls, informing them about a ‘nude man’ walking near Queen’s Road. Some people even alerted cops. However, inquiries revealed that it was a Jain Muni and not a nudist as people had assumed. 
“While such incidents do not hurt the Munis, it is embarrassing for the devotees escorting them,” Manjunath said. Devotees coordinating the walks actually live in fear of attack. “We did not expect such incidents in Bangalore. We believed there would be a greater level of tolerance in Bangalore,” he added. 
  The problem is aggravated when the Munis have to walk long distances. “Many Munis walk from Bangalore to Shravanabelgola. As density of traffic on Tumkur Road is high, we decided to take Magadi Road. We had to ask all local police stations in writing for protection,” said Jayaraja Ariga, another member of the committee. 
Committee members also recall the experience of Munis going from Bangalore to Tamil Nadu. “There have been numerous instances especially around Salem where people refuse to allow Munis to walk on the road. Many of them stop us and ask us to return. In one such instance, we made a chain of devotees, each of whom covered the Muni as he passed. We had to do this for hundreds of kilometres,” explained Shashi Kumar, convenor of the Jain community in Bangalore. Source: Bangalore Mirror

   Temple to be developed at Kundalpur

BHOPAL, October 11, 2012: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that the temple at Kundalpur will be developed. It will be done with the help of the Archaeology department. Addressing a function on the occasion of
community kshamawani mahotsav organized at his residence on Wednesday, he said that Rs 10 crore have been sanctioned for the development of  Digambar, Shwetambar and Taaran Taran Jain centres of pilgrimage in the state.Jain Sant Acharya Vidyasagar Gau Samvardhan Yojna is being implemented in Madhya Pradesh. It is the only scheme in the country in the name of a Jain sant, the spokesman said .Chief minister Chouhan said  
  Jain religion shows the path of love and not fight, coordination and not revenge. A coward person cannot forgive others. It can be done only by the person who is brave. The chief  minister said he salutes the spirit of Jain followers' sentiment of well-being towards all living beings. He also said the world's first cow sanctuary would open in the state on December 24. Source: Times of India

  Jain leader killed at saint's temple in Madhuban

   DHANBAD, October 8, 2012: The general manager of Akhil Bharatiya Digambar Jain Kshetra Samiti at Madhuban in Giridih district was killed on the premises of Jain saint Swami Bimalsagarji Maharaj's "samadhi" temple on Sunday evening. Prakash Chandra Sharma, 75, who hailed from Malviya Nagar in New Delhi, was killed on the stairs of the temple around 6.30pm when the devotees were celebrating the birth anniversary of the Jain saint. Madhuban is a place of considerable religious importance for Jains. There is a Jain museum here which houses a number of scriptures, idols and manuscript. One can have a clear view of the Parasnath Temple using the telescope installed at the balcony of the museum.
   Giridih SP A K Honkar said, "It will be premature to comment on the reasons behind the killing. I have visited the place of occurrence which was crowded. It appears that he was shot at and later brutally hit by stones and bricks. He died on the stairs of the temple." There were around 2,000 devotees at the temple busy celebrating the birth anniversary of the saint. Honkar said although the area was Naxalite-affected, it would be premature to link Maoists to the killing. "Investigations are on and none has been arrested."  Suman Kumar Sinha, the manager of the Bharat Varshiya Digambar Jain Tirtha Kshetra Samiti, said Sharma had joined Madhuban in January this year. He had worked there between 1996 and 98. He has five daughters and a son. "He had not complained of personal enmity with anyone nor did he express any threat to his life," Sharma said. Source: Times of India

  Jains win right to preserve ancient deity statue in MP 
NEW DELHI, September 25, 2012: In what is being widely perceived as a major win for the Jain community, the Madhya Pradesh high court has permitted a Jain trust to preserve an ancient 15-ft statue of deity Lord Adinath. Situated in Kundalpur near Damoh in MP, the deity, popularly known as 'Bade Baba', forms part of a group of temples scattered over an area of nearly 200 acres dating back to the 6th-7th century AD and is revered for religious significance. A bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Sushil Harkauli and Justice Alok Aradhe recently dismissed the Archaeological Survey of India's (ASI) ownership claim over the deity and the temple and concluded that ownership vested with the state government since the ASI had never staked claim after independence.
  The HC also took into account the fact highlighted by former solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam, representing the trust, that historical records showed the temple in question was looked after well and preserved by the community and had never been in possession of the ASI. He further argued that the temples were not accorded the status of national heritage, on the contrary, it has a religious importance.
  The ASI filed a petition in 2006, requesting to stop construction of temple on the Kundalpur temple premises and hand over the idols found during construction work. In its plea, the ASI claimed Lord Adinath's idol and the temple signified archaeological importance and rights should be provided to it for its preservation. It accused the state and the trust of eyeing the area to carry out mining and quarrying activity but failed to substantiate the same.   Rejecting ASI's claim, the HC granted nod to 'Bade Baba Digambar Jain Temple Trust' for construction work provided it obtained permission from the state government within two months. Source: Times of India 

 'Jain Kashi' Moodabidri mulls plastic ban
MANGALORE, September 13, 2012: While metros are getting increasingly plastic polluted small towns here are showing the way to be environment friendly. The Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) last month decided to ban plastic carry bags from September 15 in the Temple Town, Moodabidri Town Municipality Council (TMC) will also join the league from the same date to make the Jain Kashi plastic free by banning plastic carry bags.
  Moodabidri TMC president Ratnakar Devadiga says that he wants to Jain Kashi of the South to be a model and environment friendly town. About six months back, the TMC removed all garbage bins giving stress on door to door collection and to discourage people from throwing all types of garbage in the bins. We have to take a first step. If somebody had done it a decade back, it would have been controlled by now,'' he said.
  The meeting of traders and townsfolk on Monday though did not elicit a favourable response from traders, the TMC is adamant to go ahead. The traders urged the TMC to give them some more time to exhaust their stock and also ban plastic manufacturing totally. The waste so collected is being given to individuals like Soans farm, PK Thomas, a TMC member and Shivaraj Rai, a farmer, for composting it. The town has a dumping site at Marinjagudde where it has about five acres of land, which Devadiga says will suffice for the town's requirement for another two decades. Source: Times of India"

  One more Jain temple robbed in Patan, Guajrat
AHMEDABAD, September 8, 2012: Temples in North Guajrat continue to be robbed. The latest incident of robbery took place in a Jain temple in Patan taluka. Robbers broke into the tenple in the wee hours on Wednesday and stole Rs 10 lakh worth of jewellery. Interestingly, despite several notifications of installing CCTV cameras in the district, the temple had refrained from installing any surveillance equipments as they did not have an electricity connection. Mukesh Trivedi the temple priest explained that in most Jain temples its a practice for not having a connection as a matter of principle. The robbers, according to the police complaint had broken the front door lock. Police suspect the involvement of an insider. According to the police complaint the robbers had scooted with a gold crown, 20 Kg of silver and few gold ornaments. By afternoon the dog squad, forensic experts were called by the local police.   Source: Times of India
  Bihar Jain community protests against breaking Bhagwan Mahavir’s statue    
Patna, September 1, 2012: The leaders of the ten lakh strong Jain community of the state staged a sit in protest against the desecration of Bhagwan Mahavir’s statue and its breaking by anti social elements at the Elephant park. The desecration was carried out in a planned manner by a section of protesters, who had joined a rally against the breakout of violence in Assam on August 17. Said Tony Jain: Lord Mahavir stands for non- violence. To desecrate a statue in his honour and portraying a mudra of peace, was a well thought out conspiracy to disturb peace. The Jain community, have been hurt by such an act and they feel enraged. 
  The entire Jain community of Bihar has joined to support the sit-in as a mark of protest and symbolic of its hurt feelings. The Jain community leaders and members started the sit in protest at Digamber Jain mandir at Mithapur from 10 am of Thursday, which continued for the day. Hundreds of people from the community participated in it, informed Subodh Jain, secretary of Jain Sangh, Patna.
   The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court expressed serious concern on the state government's failure to replace the statues of Lord Mahavira, which were desecrated by vandals after Alvida namaz on August 17. The court directed the state government to replace the statues by September 12 or it would constitute a judicial commission to probe the incident. The court also directed the state authorities to replace the damaged statues with bigger and better ones. The court said it would hear the matter of action taken against the vandals after the installation of the statues. The order was passed by a bench of Justice Uma Nath Singh and Justice VK Dixit on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by three lawyers. The petitioners showed the video footage of the vandalism to the judges. The PIL sought replacement of the statues action against the vandals who damaged the statues as well as government and public property after Alvida namaz. It also sought action against the police officials who initially remained mute spectators allowing the violent march to proceed and acted only after damage had been done and mediapersons were attacked. Chief standing counsel IP Singh said the state government has released Rs 24 lakh for replacement of the statues. The government has arrested five persons in connection with the above incident, he added.

  Five 'ashtadhatu' idols stolen from Jain temple
Indore August 22, 2012 (PTI): Five ancient 'ashtadhatu' (mixed metal) idols were stolen from a Jain temple at Rau near here, police said today. The incident occurred late last night when some robbers broke open the doors of the temple and took away the idols and cash from the donation box, police said. The temple's priest noticed the theft this morning when he went to the temple and informed police about it.  
  Rs 5 lakh silver canopy stolen from a Jain temple

  RAJKOT, August 13, 2012: On the eve of religious period of paryushan, thieves raided a Jain temple and decamped with jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh on Monday.The burgled temple was Pattani Derasar located near Jubilee Park. Police said the theft took place between 8.30 am and 8.45 am on Monday morning." It was a broad daylight burglary in which burglars spent only 15 minutes in stealing the jewellery. The booty included a silver canopy under which the idol is placed. The canopy weighing seven to eight kg silver is estimated to be worth Rs 5 lakh," said an official from A-division of Rajkot police where the case has been registered. Meanwhile, police have detained two temple priests for questioning. Source: Times of India

   300-year-old idols of Lord Parswanath stolen from Jain temple in Shivpuri  
   Bhopal, August 10, 2012 (DNA): Unidentified miscreants made away with ancient idols from a famous Jain temple in Shivpuri district late on Wednesday night after tying the priest with rope. The incident occurred at Golakot Jain temple near Khaniadhana. The stolen stone idols of Lord Parswanath are believed to be more than 300 years old. The robbers had come to the temple posing as devotees.Police said, they requested the temple staff to let them stay at night.After initial refusal, the priest agreed to let them spend the night on the premises. Soon after getting inside, the robbers caught the two gardeners Harish Singh and Motilal apart from the priest Ratan Chand, whom they tied with a rope.
  "They were around six in numbers, and had arrived in a white car. Surprisingly they didn't touch the cash box, and just took away the idols weighing in quintals," said a police officer adding that the victims freed themselves after the accused escaped. The accused, who were carrying firearms, had also collected SIM cards of victims' cell phones before leaving the spot. Local traders registered strong protest against the incident and demanded immediate action. They also kept the market closed. Source: DNA
  Jain community members stage protest against temple burglary
   AJMER, July 29, 2012: The Jain community here on Friday staged a protest march demanding arrest of the culprits who stole four statues from the Parshavnath Jain temple on July 16. Blaming the police of inaction, the community members said even after 10 days after the burglary of the statues, the personnel are not able to get any clues of the thieves. The community members said the stolen statues were of Chandra Prabha, two of Lord Mahaveera and one of Adinath made from an eight element compound. These statues were very scared for the community, they said. "Police assured us to find the robbers within one week, but even after ten days they do not know who robbed those statues" said Sushil Jain, a member of the community.
   Seeking recovery of the statues soon, Sunil Bilwari, another member said, "Temples are not safe and police are doing nothing." The protest march which passed through main roads of the city was concluded at the police headquarters here where the demonstrators demanded effective action from the police to find the stolen statues and arrest the thieves. They also submitted a memorandum to the SP in this regard. Last year, statutes were also stolen from Nala bazaar region and similar incidents happened at the temple in dargah bazaar.  

   Jain spiritual leader asks community to condemn female feticide

   AJMER, July 23, 2012: In the wake of rising incidents of female feticide in the state, Jain spiritual leaders have now come forward to condone the act and appealed to the community to shun the practice. Jain saint Vishudh Sager appealed to other religious leaders to come together and build a common platform to check the evil practice. Calling the act of killing the girl child inhuman, he said, "Non-violence in not only the base of Jain religion but is preached by all religions and was even advocated by Mahatma Gandhi
  Addressing a gathering at Ajmer on 'Chaturmas', Muni Sager said, "Girls have a right to live. It is not only our duty but also our religion to ensure that no girl is denied the right." He further said that this is one issue that he will take up at every gathering to drive home the message that killing a girl child is against religion. "In the desire for a boy, mothers are killing girls in their womb which is a sin," he said. "It is my duty to create awareness in the community and the society at large against female feticide."  "No religion allows killing a girl in the womb. When there is non-violence, there is harmony and prosperity. It is the duty of every human to respect the right to live of every creature on this planet," he said.
  Meanwhile speaking in a gathering in Chota Dhara of Nasiya Muni Prasan Sager said that performing duty is the right religion an non-violence in the duty of each person. Addressing the dhrama sabha muni asked devotees to follow our culture. They took initiation to teach foeticide as evil in series of gathering of 'chaturmas'. Muni Sager came to Ajmer to speak in several chaturmas gatherings, talking on the issue of his speech in Pasharvnath Digamber Jaiswal temple of Naka Madar, he said that, Source: Times of India

   Four ancient idols stolen from Jain temple in Ajmer 
   AJMER, July 17, 2012: Four precious Ashtadhatu idols of the Jain temple at Hathibhatta colony here were stolen on Monday. This is the fourth incident of stealing of Jain idols from different temples in the past two years in the city. According to the police, when the caretaker of Parshavanath Jain temple of Hathibhatta came to open the door of the temple on Monday morning, he found that the idols were missing. "One was of Chandra Prabha, two were of Lord Mahaveera and the other one of Adhinath. All of them were precious and ancient," said a Jain leader. The news of the theft angered the Jain community. "This is one of the important temples for us and now it seems that even gods are not safe in this city," said a devotee. The police have registered a case and started investigation. Last year, idols were stolen from Nala Bazaar region and a similar incident took place in dargah bazaar area where there are old Jain temples. Till now, police are unable to recover these idols.  

  Stolen ancient idol recovered, one held in Indore 
Indore, July 12, 2012 (PTI) A 200-year-old ancient idol of Jain Tirthankara Parshwnath was today recovered from a person in Palasia area here, police said. One Imran and his friend allegedly stole the idol from Jain Parshwnath
temple in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh in 2010 and the former was on way to fix a deal for it with a buyer in the city when he was nabbed, Crime branch deputy SP Jayanat Rathore told PTI. The idol, made of 'ashtdhatu' (metallic), is estimated to be worth several lakhs, Rathore said. Police said they were also trying to explore if Imran had any links with idol smugglers. While Imran has been arrested, search for his missing aide Shahjad is on, Rathore added. Source: IBNLive

  Final hearing of child diksha plea on August 1
MUMBAI, July 5, 2012: Observing that it is a matter that will have wide ramifications, the Bombay high court on Wednesday posted to August 1 the final hearing of a petition which asserts that child diksha or renunciation is a practice integral to Jainism. Justices Dhananjay Chandrachud and Ramesh Dhanuka will hear and give their verdict on a petition filed by Ashok Bagricha and others challenging the Child Welfare Committee's jurisdiction. 
  In March 2004, the diksha ceremony of an eight-year-old girl was reported to CWC by the Childline NGO. In July 2006, the HC directed CWC to find out if she had taken diksha voluntarily. CWC reported that she needed care but her parents challenged the CWC's order in the HC, which granted a stay. Source: Times of India 

  Burglars steal 19 idols from Jain temple 
HYDERABAD, June 27, 2012: Burglars gained entry into Jain temple at Aghapura and escaped with 19 Digambar swamy idols and 20 stands on Monday night. The miscreants entered the temple by breaking open the window grill. They used the keys kept inside to open the display safes and took away seven silver idols and 12 idols made of copper and bronze. They also stole 20 idol stands made of silver, Habeeb Nagar inspector NSV Venkateswar Rao said. The incident came to light on Tuesday when the temple doors were opened in the morning. Based on a complaint lodged by temple committee representative Pavan, a burglary case was registered under sections 457/380 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
 Mahamastakabhisheka for idol of thirthankara
Halebeedu (Hassan dist), June 18, 2012: In a show of devotion and grandeur, Mahamastakabhishekha was performed for the idol of Shantinatha Teerthankara, amidst chants by devotees, at the Jain Basadi at Bastihalli near here on June 18, 2012. Members of Jain Milan in Hassan, Adagur, Kadadarahalli, Hongere and surrounding areas had organised the mega event on the occasion of Janma, Moksha and Deeksha Kalyana days of the 16th teerthankara of Jain sect, aligning on the same day.
  The idol of Shantinatha was anointed with water, milk, sandalwood paste, turmeric, tender coconut water, rice flour, decoction of herbs and finally, with flowers. Women devotees sang songs of devotion and watched the anointment ceremony unfold in front of their eyes. Vedic chants coupled with those of Jainism created an aura of devotion. Mahamangalarati was performed after the "Shantidhaare"  was completed. Mass feeding ceremony was held for all devotees and their families who had arrived to attend the auspicious event. Priests Jina Raju, A B Nagaraju, Jinendra and others performed the pooka rituals. Executive president of Jain Milan Zone 8 Prasanna Kumar, director S P Naga Kumar, Yuvaraj Bhandari, Jain Milan Arogya Raksha executive president S B Suresh, leaders S N Ashok Kumar, Prem Kumar and others were present on the occasion. Source:www.deccanherald.com

  Shravanabelagola seer visits Mysore after 15 years
MYSORE, June 11, 2012: Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Mahaswami of Digambara Jain Mutt , Shravanabelagola, visited the city after a span of 15 years and was accorded a traditional welcome. The Mysore Jain community was eagerly awaiting for this occasion. The seer inaugurated Sri Mahaveer Bhavan, a community hall, at Srirampura. Bhuvana Keerthi Bhattaraka Swami  of Digambara Jain Mutt, Kanakagiri was also present. The seer inaugurated a garden adjacent the newlybuilt hall by planting saplings and delivered a message of love and peaceful coexistence with flora and fauna. 
  "Nations are finding ways to destroy mankind. Those violent nations, who are killing each other in the name of aggressive patriotism and religion, are looking toward India because religion like Jainism propagate peace that is unique to the nation," said district minister S A Ramdas. Ramdas said a corpus fund to help cancer children has been set up as directed by the seer and the 20-bedded wards will be inaugurated at the government hospitals in 20 districts. The facility will be opened on June 15, he said. Source:Times of India

  Theft from a Jain temple near Saibaba Temple

  Shirdi, Jun 4, 2012 (PTI): Two cash boxes and some items used in pooja were stolen from a Jain temple located near the Saibaba Temple here in Western Maharashtra, police said today. The theft came to light when a priest opened the temple, which has two security guards but no CCTV, this morning. After receiving the complaint, police pressed into service a dog squad but no clue was found, they said. PTI 
  11th century Kannada inscription from a ruined Jain temple found       
   BANGALORE, May 29, 2012: Historian and research scholar D N Akki Gogi from Yadagir district has unearthed an 11th century inscription written in Kannada from a ruined Jain temple in Allur village in Gulbarga district. According to the experts, the inscription, which is on a stone pillar, was written in the form of Kannada that was used in 1050 AD. The inscription was read by eminent epigraphers, including, Sitaram Jagirdar and Dr M G Manjunath from Mysore University. It is said that Allur village was ruled by the chieftains of Kalyana Chalukya rulers. The ruined Jain temple, where the inscription was found, was reportedly built by the devotee Benneya Machisetty during the time of Jain saint Munigunachandra. Experts said that the threeline- ling inscription revealed an account of those who built the temple in the 11th century. 
  Apart from the inscription, the Jain temple also houses a three-feet-long statue of Lord Parshwanath, the 23rd Tirthankara in whose memory the structure was built. “This temple is a treasure trove for researchers of ancient temples,” D N Akki informed Express. Experts added that the place where the inscription was found has traces
Nishadi Shilpas. The findings signify that there Jain saints used to practice ‘Sallekhana Vritha’, a rigorous ritual of holy fast unto death, which aimed to gain ‘Moksha’ from the world. Source: IBNLive

  Jains celebrate Mahavir Jayanti
  MUMBAI, April 6, 2012: The 15 lakh-strong Jain community in the city celebrated Mahavir Jayanti, birth anniversary of the 24th Tirthankar, over Wednesday and Thursday. The Moortipujak sect observed it a day before while the Sthanakvasis did so on Thursday. This marks 2,611 years since the birth of the apostle of peace who founded Jainism. Premchand Jain, trustee of Mahavir Shantinath Jain temple at Fort, observed the occasion on Wednesday. "We hosted Sammuh Sanatra Mahapuja Mahotsav," he said.
  'Prabhat pheris' were taken around in several neighbourhoods. At city's oldest Jain shrine, the Goriji Parshvanath Jain temple at Pydhonie, Muni Vimalsagarji said it did not matter which day is celebrated. "What matters are the lessons you take," he said. This is a seminal year for the Pydhonie derasar, which is gearing up to celebrate its 200th anniversary on May 1. 

  Three idols stolen from Jain temple 
  Bokaro, March 23, 2012: A nearly three-decade-old Jain temple in the heart of Bokaro steel city was robbed of three ashtadhatu idols and 13 silver parasols  approximately valued at around Rs 12 lakh in the small hours of Thursday. The daring incident is a grim reminder of the desecration of idol and theft at the centuries-old Rajrappa temple in Ramgarh district, which triggered a wave of resentment and security tizzy in the state in July 2010.
  Sources at the Sri Digambar Jain Mandir, which is situated on NH-23 in Sector II-D of the steel city, said the culprits had taken away the 13-inch-tall idol Lord Parshwanath and 11-inch idols of Lord Mahavir and Lord Shantinath. All the three ashtadhatu  idols were plated with gold  and studded with diamonds. The silver parasols, on the other hand, were of different sizes (three big and rest small) and together they weighed around 3kg. President of Digambar Jain Samiti Mahendra Kumar Jain said the idols were on their respective singhasans (thrones) at 8pm on Wednesday, when the  aarti  was performed. The gate of the temple was closed after that.
  The theft was first noticed around 4.30am by the temple's 54-year-old caretaker Ram Dular Singh, who has been staying on the premises with his family for 26 years. Singh, as is his routine, woke up before dawn to clean the temple premises only to find a window grille in the main hall dismantled. He found a screw driver on the floor and the three idols missing, and reported the matter to founder member Indra Chandra Jain. The latter informed police. Sri Digambar Jain Mandir, which attracts a daily footfall of 500-odd devotees, was built in 1983. The stolen idols were, however, ferried in 1992 from Jaipur in Rajasthan.
  President of Bokaro Chamber of Commerce Sanjay Baidya said the thieves left behind a few silver worshipping tools, but cleaned out the idols, hurting the sentiments of the Jain community as a whole. Octogenarian founder- member Indra Chandra said he had lost appetite ever since he came to know that the idols of his three lords were missing. Lord Mahavir, Parshwanathji and Shantinathji were like the heads of our  Jain community  who we have lost. We made this temple brick by brick. How happy we were when the idols were brought from Rajasthan. Please bring them back,  the 84-year-old urged police. Coal Belt DIG Laxman Singh, Bokaro SP Kuldeep Dwivedi and Intelligence Bureau officers rushed to the spot in the morning for investigations. A sniffer dog was also pressed into service. Dwivedi said policemen had been sent to different places for probe, while exit and entry points to the district was under strict surveillance. Meanwhile, calls are pouring in from all over the country, with Jain devotees wanting to know whether the culprits have been arrested and the idols found. Source: The Telegraph Calcutta
Khajuraho finally finds a place on railway map   
  Agra, March 16, 2012: Khajuraho, known for famous medieval Jain temples and Hindu temples with erotic sculptures, will finally come on the railway map. The Udaipur-Gwalior Express has been extended to Khajuraho, in Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. Passengers will board the train from Agra Cantonment station around 11 a.m. and reach Khajuraho in the evening.
  The proposal for a train to Khajuraho had been hanging fire for a few years. Agra's tourism industry was keen that a direct train be provided so that tourists could visit the famed destination. According to railway spokesman Bhupendra Dhillon here, the train to Khajuraho will run from Thursday. "From Udaipur to Khajuraho, the 1,106 km will be covered in 21 hours and 20 minutes," she said. Rakesh Chauhan, president of the Agra Hotels and Restaurants Association, welcomed the rail connectivity to Khajuraho.The rail link to Khajuraho from Jhansi was completed more than a year ago Source: Times of India
  1,500-year-old marble idol of Chakreshwari Mataji theft: Cong to take out rally

  PALANPUR, February 28, 2012: The failure of police to recover the 1,500-year-old marble idol of 'Chakreshwari' Mataji', stolen from Digambar Jain temple at Umta village in Visnagar taluka of Mehsana distinct on Sunday last by some miscreants, has assumed political overtones. Congress has decided to take out a rally on Tuesday in Mehsana to demand the resignation of minister of state for home Praful Patel over the failure of police to recover the Rs one crore worth idol even after so many days. Congress MP from Patan Jadish Thakore told TOI that though eight days have passed since the theft took place, but there has been no progress in the case.
  He said it was regrettable more for the fact that the minister belonged to Umta village yet he has so far not visited the place once. "Congress has the habit of adding fuel to fire. It was trying to make political capital out of the issue," Mehsana district Bharatiya Janata Party president, Rishikesh Patel, who is also an MLA from Visnagar, said. Meanwhile, Moniji Nirbhay Sagar, who is on a fast unto death for the past eight day, said, "Chief minister Narendra Modi   has assured me of early recovery of the stolen idol. Until the idol is recovered and restored to its place, I will not take food. I have given up milk and juice already. I will now stop taking water too." A large number of devotees are arriving from Kalol, Ahmedabad, Palanpur and other places to the village to express their solidarity with Moniji. Source: Times of India

   Muni Nirbhay Sagar Maharaj threatens fast unto death

   PALANPUR, February 23, 2012: Muni Nirbhay Sagar Maharaj, the head of Umta Digambar Jain temple, some 8 km from Visnagar in Mehsana district, has threatened to go on fast unto death if the stolen ancient idol of Chakreshwari Mata is not found. Talking to TOI, Moni said, "I have abandoned food since the time I came to know of the theft. I would give up even liquids and go on fast till the idol is recovered."
  Around 250-300 devotees from across the state will also join Moni in his fast. Devotees from other parts of the country have also expressed their solidarity with Muni. Meanwhile, director of State Archeological Survey Y S
Rawat said, "The lost idol was indeed unique for its sculptural prettiness. It was a priceless piece. The idol belongs to 1200-1300 CE during the Solanki dynasty." Source: Times of India

  Ancient idol worth Rs 1 crore stolen from Jain temple
PALANPUR, February 21, 2012: Amid Mahashivratri celebration, a dozen unidentified miscreants stole 1,500-year-old marble idol of 'Chakreshwari Mata' worth Rs 1 crore from a Jain temple, eight km from Visnagar in Mehsana district, during wee hours on Monday. Around 10 to 12 thieves barged into the temple premises after breaking the channel gate and stole the 2.5-feet-high idol weighing 90 kg. Surprisingly, the thieves did not even attempt to touch the silver crown, umbrella studded with ornaments and cash, police said.
  The incident came to light when temple priest Shakuntla Devi found the idol missing and alerted local temple head Muni Nirbhay Sagar. "We have gathered evidence from the spot and efforts are on to nab the miscreants," Mehsana superintendent of police R J Sawani said. The investigations were handed over to the Local Crime Branch. Two years ago thieves had targeted the Taranga Jain temple and tried to steal the idol of Lord Neminath. But because it was heavy, the idol broke on the way and miscreants could take only the head. "We cannot rule out the links between the two as accused in the Taranga case are out on bail and did not remain present in the court last time," Sawani added. Moniji said it was the second time that attempt was made to steal the idols. The stolen idol was one of the 58 ancient idols installed in the temple on June 6 last year after they were found during excavation near Rajgadhi Tikara in the village in 2002. Source: Times of India

  Lost tirth of Jains traced to Himalayas

  February 13, 2012: According to book Ashtapad Maha Tirth  Jain devotees will now get a chance to know and learn about one of the five major Tirths in Jainism, 'Ashtapad Maha Tirth' which is believed to have been lost. The Maha Tirth is situated in the snow-clad Himalayas. The book, 'Ashtapad Maha Tirth', seems to be well- researched book. The book's author Dr Rajnikant Shah has aimed at creating a much larger Tirth in India. Dr Shah was born in 1935 in India and moved from Jaipur to Mumbai to study medicine. There are many stories related to Ashtapad Maha Tirth like Kumar and Sagar's sons, Tapas Kher Parna, Ravan and Mandodri Bhakti, among many others.
   But as per Jain scriptures, the first Tirthankar, Bhagwan Rushabhdev, had attained nirvana on the Ashtapad Mountain. The son of Bhagwan Rushabhdev, Chakravati Bharat, had built a palace adorned with gems on the Ashtapad Mountain located in the serene Himalayas. Several written materials and articles were collected on Ashtapad from scriptures and compiled in different volumes.
  The book which is a compilation of the material gathered talks about the life of Arhat Rishabh, who breathed his last and attained parinirvana, when the moon was inconjunction with the constellation Abhijit. Arhat Rishabh lived the life of a prince for two million years and ruled as a king for six million and three hundred thousand years. He thus lived as a householder for a total of eight million and three hundred thousand years. The book also talks about the time of Lord Adinath, ancient Jain Tirth, India's Digambar Jain Tirth, Jainism in Central Asia where Jain religion literature is mentioned. The location of Ashtapad is still being searched as to where in the Himalayas it is situated. The book also has stories of Bharat Chakravati, Ravan and Mandodri, Mahamani Chintamani, and a lot more. Source: DNA

  Mahamastakabhisheka off to a colourful start at Venur Karnataka 
  Mangalore, January 29,2012: The nine-day anointment (Mahamastakabhisheka celebrations) of the 35-foot monolith Venoor Bhagwan Shri Bahubali Swamy celebrations in Venur began on a colourful note on Saturday. Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda inaugurated the celebrations.
  Mahamastakabhisheka is held once in every 12 years in a grand manner. Streets leading up to Akkangala Basadi, which is behind the statue of Bahubali, were decorated. The rituals leading up to Mahamastakabhisheka began with a procession led by a decorated elephant. The procession went in circumambulation around the site of Bahubali's statue. Several women dressed in identical saris walked behind the elephant in two lines holding kalashas. The kalashas contained water that would be used in the Mahamastakabhisheka rituals.
  Head of the Ajila princely family, Padmaprasad Ajila, poured the first kalasha of water, followed by his family members. A total of 108 kalashas of water were poured on the first day, besides many other items, including sandalwood paste and milk. The devotees poured water over the statue of Bahubali from a specially constructed platform and paid obeisance. A large number of devotees watched the proceedings. 
  The Ajila princely family is credited to have taken pains to install the statue – known as Naguva Gommata (the smiling Gommata) – in 1609 on the banks of the Phalguni river. The Heggade family was present. Before the formal inauguration, religious leaders, including Acharya 108 Gunadharanandi Maharaj, addressed the devotees. The acharya said that Gandhi and Anna Hazare followed the concepts of ahimsa which were propounded by Mahaveera. Devotees frequently raised slogans of “Bahubali ki jai” and “Parshwanath swamy ki jai”. 
  By the end of the formal programme, the number of people swelled. Several book stalls selling books related to the Jain history and religion were set up near the venue. Hundreds of people visited the basadi of Chandranatha Swami which is behind the statue of Bahubali. 
  Earlier, Mr. Gowda said that a Jain Adhyayana Peetha would be set up in Mangalore University and allocations would be made in the next budget. The peetha would help spread the Jain philosophy among the people. Mr. Gowda requested the Special Representative of the Karnataka Government in Delhi, Dhananjay Kumar, to ensure that funds meant for minorities also reached the Jain community. He was responding to Acharya 108 Gunadharanandi Maharaja's remark that although the government released Rs. 400 crore for minorities every year, only Rs. 2 crore had reached the Jain community. He said that he would look into the demand for providing reservation to the Jain community. Source: The Hindu

  Jain Eye Charitable hospital to provide quality service to poor patients
New Delhi, January 25, 2012 : A city-based NGO has inaugurated a state-of the-art super-specialty eye hospital at Saket area to provide quality healthcare facilities to the underprivileged sections of the society at nominal price. Mahavir International, a not-for-profit social organisation working for the uplift of downtrodden people since 1975, aims to cater eye patients especially those suffering from cataract.
  Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Vice-President of the NGO Anil Jain said that with the initiative, Mahavir International will try to carry forward the legacy of its nearly three-decade-old selfless service to the masses. Jain said the new hospital, namely Lala Aman Singh Jain Charitable Eye Research and Medical Centre, will serve as an extension to the organisation's already running 'Doctors at Doorstep' program. It will be equipped with all modern eyecare facilities including state-of-the-art operation theatre, surgical operating microscope and
auto refractometer. He added that despite not receiving any kind of government aid, the organisation, under its different hospitals, is successfully operating more than 200 cataract cases on a monthly basis. It also organises weekly eye camps at different far-flung areas of the city. (PTI)
 PIL seeks declaration of Tirumalai hill as ancient monument 

  Madurai, January 11, 2012 (PTI): A PIL seeking declaration of Tirumalai hill in Sivaganga district as an ancient monument was filed in the Madras High Court bench here today. Admitting the PIL, Justices Chitra Venkatraman and Karuppiah ordered issue of notice to the Central and State Archaeological Department heads, among others, returnable within 15 days.
  The petitioner contended that the hill in Tirumalai Konneripatti village in Sivaganga district had rock paintings, Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions, Jain beds and also a rock cut temple of Kluntheerswarar and Bagampiriya Ammai temple, dating back to the eighth century AD. He said all Jain abodes throughout India had been declared as monuments. This particular one was unique as both Jain inscriptions and temples were found in the same place.
  There were also 30 Tamil inscriptions of 13th Century. Similar rock paintings are not found anywhere in Tamil Nadu and only in another place in Madhya Pradesh, he said. Though he had made representations to the government on various occasions last year to protect the monument and declare it as an archaeological site, no action had been taken, he said. The petitioner also alleged that anti-socials are vandalising and defacing the monument. Assistant Advocate General Chellapandian submitted that Superintendent of Police had been asked to provide protection for the temple. The Judges then ordered notice to officials of the archaeological department of the state and centre.




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