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Charukirti Swamiji criticised the report by Justice (retd) Rama Jois


  Charukirti Swamiji criticised the report by Justice (retd) Rama Jois
  Swastishri Bhattaraka Charukirti  Panditacharyavarya Swamiji of Moodbidri Jain Math has criticised the report by Justice (retd) Rama Jois recommending bringing Jainism within the ambit of Hindu Endowment Act on February 21, 2011. 

                              Charukirti Swamiji of Moodhbidri
  Jainism, although like a brother to Hindu faith, has retained its distinct language, literature and culture, differently from Hinduism.  The then-government had agreed to the representation made in 1997 not to included the Jain faith under the umbrella of Hindu faith. Hence, the community would condemn the proposal before the government to include it in accordance with the Rama Jois report, the Swamiji has said. 
  He further points out that the report, prepared by a non-Jain like Jois, contained many factual inaccuracies. The Hindu and Jain faiths have co-existed in harmony for centturies and it is not right to drive any wedge between them, he says. He also affirms that the Jain community is the one which has been paying highest amount in taxes to the government and justice should be done to it.
  "We are not Hindus and our temples do not have Hindu deities, there is no need to bring Jain temples under the Act. We understand Acharya's  statement had clarified that it is only for keeping an inventory of  religious places under one umbrella, but I feel even that was not needed  as we have a perfect inventory of our own," said Bhattarka Charukiriti Panditacharyavarya of Jain mutt, Moodbidri.
  Jitendra Kumar, president of the Karnataka Jaina Association, said: "Ethnically, historically, architecturally and scripturally, Jainism has been one of the oldest religions in the world. It's separate, distinct, and is not an offshoot; neither is it a reformist school of thought nor is it a quintessence of Hindu religion." Jains have always claimed for themselves a degree of antiquity greater than that of any other religion. Various judgements of high courts and the apex court have clearly enunciated that Jains must be recognised as a religious minority distinct and separate from the Hindus.



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