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 The Jain Center of Southern California celebrated 11 day Pratishtha Mahotsav to inaugurate the new Jain temple complex. The Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC)s massive 11 day Pratishtha Mahotsav event culminated on October 4, with a grand procession. It was a splendid sight for the many residents and passersby as the 
seemingly endless train of over 2,000 colorfully adorned people 
and spectacular floats meandered through the thoroughfares of Buena Park accompanied by dancing and singing and ladies bearing kalashs on their heads.   Amidst the large number of temple officials who joined the parade were Gurudev Chitrabhanu , the pioneering Jain monk who brought the Jain message to America and the Shrimad Rajchandra scholar Sri Rakesh Bhai Jhaveri.

 Procession of Jain temple California

 The new $20-million complex replaces a much smaller temple that opened in 1988. That original building was the first independent Jain temple in the United States. The new $20- million Jain temple complex, celebrating a religion that promotes nonviolence and vegetarianism, and shares with Hinduism the concepts of nirvana and reincarnation. 
   Brilliant white marble gives the main temple a stunning appearance with its 24 magnificently carved semi columns and 4 circular pillars weighing 10,000 lbs each. The ceiling , a dome or rangmandap is a breathtaking carving , 22 feet in diameter with a first layer of 192 elephants , a second of 108 Thirthankars and several others of exquisite designs. Three existing original Tirthankar idols which were already in the old complex are installed in a sparkling  white Garbha Grah on the main altar with Mahavirswami in the center,  Rushabhadev on the right and Parshvanath on the left. Two additional new idols Mahvirswani (Anjanshalaka) and Neminath ( Digambara tradition) are placed on two individual altars on the right and left of the main altar respectively. A bhamati with idols of 24 Tirthankars in individual Gokhlas surrounds the Garbha Grah.    

   On Oct. 5, the 47 idols were finally installed in their respective locations following the performance of the appropriate rituals and prayers when they were infused with the divine life in their new abode. The Pratishtha Mahotsav came to a conclusion on the following morning , Oct. 6 when the door to the temple was officially opened to the devotees of Bhagwan Mahavir. 


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