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      Bhagavan Sheetalnathji
Bhagwan  Sheetalnathji.
There is a  white  colored idol of Bhagavan Sheetalnathji, 10th tirthankara in the Padmasana Posture nearly 70cms High in the temple. Its gate bears the images of 48 deities. 

Bhagavan Sheetalnathji Jain temple Kolkata
Sheetalnathji’s temple as in 1947 

     Bhagavan Sheetalnathji jain Mandir Kolkata
    Sheetalnathji jain Mandir Kolkata
Bhagavan Sheetalnathji Jain temple Kolkata
  Location:  Bhagavan Sheetalnathji.Jain temple or Shri Badrinath Jain Swetambar jain Mandir is located at Sham Bazaar of the Kolkata city, West Bengal. Sheetalnathji’s temple situated in a quiet lane off Raja Dinendra Street in Maniktala  The temple is run by a private trust, the trustees of which are descendants of Rai Budree Das Bahadur, who was jeweller to the viceroy. 
   Shri Badrinath Jain Svetambar Mandir is a large, splendid and pinnacled temple of Bhagawan Shitalanath. It  is wonderful and very artistic temple. This temple is also known as the beauty of Bengal. The principal shikhara or spire of the main temple towers above the crenellated walls.
  A plaque on the gate reads: Shree Sheetalnathji. Temple and garden founded by Rai Budree Das Bahadur, Mukim to HE, The Viceroy, 1867. Next to it is a woman with golden hair on a giant tile. She wears a pleated two-tiered gown holding a flaming torch and standing amid the moon and stars. Hundreds of people visit the temple every day.
  The actual temple is single-storeyed and is flanked by two elephants and their mahouts sitting astride. In front of it is a marble statue of the founder of the temple mentioned in the plaque. His hands are folded in a namaste. It was erected in 1910. Most of the coloured glass used for the mosaic on the shikharas has disappeared, leaving behind scars. 
   There is no place in the whole of the temple where the artist has not shown a glimpse of his art. There are no words to describe the sculpture of this temple. Different sculptures have given different definition of the artistry of this temple. The  building of this artist temple, the architects of the temple have glorified not only the Jain religion but also Bengal.This temple is managed by Shri Badrinath Jain Swetambar Mandir Pedhi,  36 Badridas Temple Street, Manakatala, Calcutta- 700 004, West Bengal, India.


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